German for the job, PRO Akademie, Berlin. Coaching for your needs!

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German for the job, PRO Akademie, Berlin. Coaching for your needs!

Professional-level German (German for the job).
Working in a multicultural country may sometimes begin without in-depth language skills, and Germany is no exception. However, these are a must to obtain many skills and qualities. While general knowledge may be obtained in any language school under BAMF programs, we offer in-depth language skills in your area of professional interest, which is fully financed by Jobcenter or Bundesagentur für Arbeit. The minimum requirements are А1-В2 German skills.
We will provide all necessary study materials and facilities, as well as the choice of online or in-person studies. Good command of the language contributes to self-confidence and new professional opportunities.

The only thing that we cannot deliver is your own supermotivation in striving for your goals; for the rest, there is PRO Akademie!


  • Analyse Ihrer beruflichen und sprachlichen Situation
  • Sprachliche Anforderungen im Zielberuf aufzeigen
  • Individualisiertes, auf den Kunden zugeschnittenes Sprachtraining “German for the job” (Hauptteil)
  • Prüfungsvorbereitung
  • telc-Sprachprüfung

Dauer: 80 UE = Teilzeit = ˂ 2 Monate
Ort: PRO Akademie, Georgenstr. 35, 10117 Berlin
Fördermöglichkeiten: Aktivierungs- und Vermittlungsgutschein (AVGS)
Beratung: info@proakademie.de, Team Beratung Tel. 030-509307626