Social media marketing, Berlin, Pro Akademie, Courses

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Social media marketing, Berlin, Pro Akademie, Courses


Marketing is the thing.

The market for SMM specialists in Europe and Germany is often limited to agencies that charge interstellar fees for their services. Small and medium-sized businesses choke for lack of quality presence in the social media. By this we mean both promotion of goods or services and quality communication with consumers. The official statistics alone says companies in Berlin now need 1,000 marketing specialists. You can become one of them.

The stars of marketing did not graduate from universities but learned hands-on. Guerilla tactics and off-kilter approaches that you don’t get taught in college are a staple now. So step right up and give it a try; this may turn into a very well paid hobby!

Different countries in Europe and the world favor different Social Media Marketing approaches. Professionals and researchers concur that marketing specialists hailing from Eastern Europe can cope with the most complicated tasks and do so with much more style than their Western colleagues. That’s why this training course is tailor-made for you!


All our coaches are accomplished and hugely experienced pros

Most similar training courses are run by IT business people, and if they know one thing well, it’s selling information services — in our case, training courses.

We, however, know first-hand what is important for a future marketing guru. How come? It’s because every now and then we ourselves attend skill upgrade courses by the world’s leading universities.

No cat gets your tongue

The best teachers in Berlin will give you job-oriented German and English language training in a crash course that may be run in small groups on request.

Topdog marketing guests

This proved to be ideal for networking with actual professionals. We invite small business owners, big agency employees and other extraordinary people. You can absorb unique information and get answers to your questions – straight from the source!

Tricks of the trade

You don’t get Social Media Marketing by reading books. The hundreds of free webinars and podcasts out there provide nothing but disjointed pieces information that is either obsolete or only marginally useful.

We present the theory as entertaining dialogs and pepper it with the necessary tidbits and latest news from the real world of marketing. How do certain things really work? Where can you save money? Can a single word or a flare spot on a photo reverse the momentum of a situation?

Another day, another skill

This is ideal for gauging progress during training. Also, as part of the Content Creation module, you obtain the invaluable skills of art photography that would expand your professional horizons. Learn, practice and put it in your resume!

Customfit lessons

We arrange individual coaching for you to better master some complicated techniques or software needed for your professional success.

Best students get (somewhat) rich while practicing – or get hired

Depending on your rate of success and aspirations, we may find you an attractive part-time job with our partners, or even give you a chance to shine in our Akademie!

4,5 Months, Full-time, Absolutely free with Bildungsgutschein from the Jobcenter/Abeitsagentur. Are you registered as temporarily unemployed in Germany? Do you speak basic German? We will help convince your Jobcenter consultant!